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Artist Interview: Tekla Severin

Daughter Runs

Tekla Severin


Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Tekla Severin has a bachelor's in architecture & design, and is now combining her penchants for photography, installation, and creative direction in her work. Her expertise in various mediums shines through her work and sets the foundation for a world entirely her own. Read on to discover more about this color queen's dreamscape. 


DAUGHTER RUNS: So you grew up in the 80s, a decade known for it’s unlikely combinations of color, pattern, and texture. What about that time period in particular has stuck with you and inspired your own work?

TEKLA: the eclectic and the electric! Still find that speed and that sprawling thing just as seducing as when looking at my fav (mint green with swirvling triangles-patterned-) sweater when I was seven


DAUGHTER RUNS: Do you photograph for yourself or for others?

TEKLA: Both. It started really just for myself, but it had developed into real jobs. Now I´m  doing both :)

DAUGHTER RUNS: Who do you continuously find yourself looking to for inspiration?


TEKLA: No, but it´s impossible to just switch on and of that eye. So I´m glad I have really patient friends around me, waiting for me every here and there when I just have have to stop to snap something . again.

DAUGHTER RUNS: What influences your studio shots? What is the process like when setting them up?

TEKLA: It so different. Often it start with a scene I can get out of my head, so I need to realise it.  It can be a situation, happy or sad but also just a texture or a certain light. all and everything really, life so to say. (If it´s not a comersial job, of course)

DAUGHTER RUNS: Do you think environment plays a large role in creativity and ambition?

TEKLA: For sure. It means almost everything. For me living here in Stockholm where almost everything is really good planned, designed and is so self-awared, I really feel drown to a more ugly-cute aestethic which isn´t that “correct”


DAUGHTER RUNS: Your Instagram is a colorful and eccentric world within itself. Is there any sort of curation that goes on here?

TEKLA: No. But I do am really found of connections. And to tell a story like that. My instagram is really just fragments of some kind of aestetics that occasional or planned is happening in my everyday life. But never private


DAUGHTER RUNS: Last film you watched?

TEKLA: Leviathan (*non colourful;))

DAUGHTER RUNS: Favorite album right now?

TEKLA: sky city by Amason

DAUGHTER RUNS: What does “Daughter Runs” mean to you?

TEKLA: Oh, I´m really dont know yet. I´m just about to discover it. I´m excited! :)


all photos © Tekla Severin