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Youtube Interview: Scarlett Turner


Youtube Interview: Scarlett Turner

Daughter Runs

Scarlett Turner

Location: Southern California

Youtube / Twitter / Instagram

Scarlett Rose Turner is one of the raddest Youtube vloggers out there. Not only does she share her impeccable taste in fashion, music, and beauty- she's also an aspiring filmmaker, citing Wes Anderson as one of her most notable inspirations. Scarlett is an advocate for feminism & equality + she's become an icon for passionate girls wanting to start a revolution... 

Let's do it.

DAUGHTER RUNS: So to start off, congrats on committing to Chapman and declaring yourself a film major! Has it been a steady road knowing film is what you want to pursue or are there times when you have doubts?

Scarlett: Thank you so much! I’m so excited to being studying at such an amazing, up and coming school. Despite getting my first video camera at age seven, it never really occurred to me that film was what I wanted to pursue. For the longest time, I wanted to be an actress, like my mom. Film has always been a big part of my life. Up until my junior year of high school, I thought I wanted to go to school for acting. One day, it just clicked and I knew that film was what I wanted to study.

DAUGHTER RUNS: Is there any one film in particular that has left a huge impression on you?

Scarlett: I don’t know if one particular film comes to mind, but all of Wes Anderson’s work has been a huge inspiration to me. I love how he creates his own world for each of his movies. I own every movie he’s made, four different books about his films, and various Wes Anderson apparel. It’s borderline obsessive.

DAUGHTER RUNS: You’ve been on Youtube for 4 years now, so I’m sure you’ve seen how dynamic it is and how it’s changed. How do you feel the culture on Youtube, specifically within the beauty community, impacts it’s audience?

Scarlett: I think it’s actually quite shocking how the beauty community has changed. When I first started, the business of YouTube wasn’t even considered a business. It’s pretty amazing how much of an impact YouTubers have on their audiences. I’ve seen young girls cry and scream over regular people who just happen to make Internet videos. I really hope more beauty vloggers take the steps towards educating their viewers on body positivity and Feminism. It’s the perfect platform.

DAUGHTER RUNS: Is there a direct connection between activism and art?

Scarlett: Yes, I really don’t think you can have one without the other. I think all art is influenced by what’s happening currently in the world around it.

DAUGHTER RUNS: Is feminism something you choose to focus on in your work?

Scarlett: I’m trying really hard to make feminism a part of my daily YouTube videos by incorporating small messages of self-acceptance and female love within each video. I also really want to feminism to be a driving force in my future of filmmaking as I plan to minor in Women’s Studies in college. Women are so underrepresented in the film industry, so I want to try to change that if I can.

DAUGHTER RUNS: What decade or time period are you most often inspired by?

Scarlett: I love the fashion and style of the 1960’s. Sadly, it wasn’t a great time for human rights.

DAUGHTER RUNS: What are some style essentials you’ve been sporting lately?

Scarlett: Lately, I’ve been obsessed with my denim high-waisted mini skirt from American Apparel. It’s the perfect summer essential because I can just throw on a crop top and head out the door. I also am obsessed with my Commes Des Garcon PLAY converse. I can’t get enough of wearing them.

DAUGHTER RUNS: Last film you watched?

Scarlett: The last film I watch was the Swedish vampire horror/thriller film “Let the Right One In.” It was so creepy! You may know it by the American remake starring Chloe Grace Moretz called “Let Me In” (which I actually haven’t seen…)

DAUGHTER RUNS: Favorite album right now?

Scarlett: Lately, I’ve been obsessed with True by Solange Knowles (yes, Beyonce’s little sister!) Solange has such a cool alternative/electronic/pop vibe and I’m so excited to see her in person at FYF Fest in August.

DAUGHTER RUNS: What does “Daughter Runs” mean to you?

Scarlett: I think “Daughter Runs” represents a young woman going out and making her own path in life. I don’t know, it sounds a little cheesy, but that’s what came to mind!


all photos © copyright Scarlett Turner