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Artist Interview: Maddie Rogers


Artist Interview: Maddie Rogers

Daughter Runs

Maddie Rogers

Location: Bainbridge Island, Washington

Maddie Rogers is an aspiring photographer residing in the Pacific Northwest. We met her in Brooklyn over the summer and were immediately engaged by her eccentric and distinctive personality, seen through not only her art but also her character. Maddie brings a fresh perspective to street photography, citing Vivian Maier as a main inspiration. She seeks tranquility in yoga and also enjoys rock climbing. Aside from her art, Maddie's style is "comfortable and vintage" and she attributes most of her clothing to various Bainbridge Island thrift sales. Ms. Rogers is a complete inspiration and Daughter Runs was given the pleasure of interviewing her for our first ever Artist Interview.

DAUGHTER RUNS: What does a photograph mean to you?

Maddie: It all depends on the photograph. If it’s someone else's that I’m looking at, there's the potential for me to love it and totally resonate with it or hate it. When it comes to my own photographs, I really pick up on the mood I was trying to set and the time in my life that I took it. For all the photos I took at Pratt, whenever I look at them I remember what it was like to be at Pratt and the feelings I had there. With film, you have a much more intimate relationship with your photographs because you look at things as a “roll”, rather than just one photo. The pictures go together in a way they never do with digital.


DAUGHTER RUNS: What do you lend most credit to when creating?

Maddie: I would say little moments that I see. Because my main form of photography is street photography, I entirely rely on being inspired by the actions of others. It’s the way someone looks dismissive on the subway or a small moment between a mother and daughter that inspire the photograph. I’m alright at being conceptual and bringing an idea into reality, but honestly I’m better at working in the moment on the street.


DAUGHTER RUNS: Where do you feel most inspired or motivated?

Maddie: I feel most inspired in large city settings. Generally, people are used to having their photo taken by strangers there, so they're less annoyed when you take their picture. There's also so much going on: I have grown up in a pretty small environment where I knew everyone, and there's rarely exciting things happening. That lead me to have a bigger fascination with city life, because it's so foreign to me.


DAUGHTER RUNS: Who do you consistently find yourself looking to for inspiration?

Maddie: Really bitching, strong, women. I’m a huge feminist, and believe strongly that women have so much potential and ability to change the world. Whenever I see a really amazing women doing something independently, I’m always interested. Annie Leibowitz and Vivian Maier are two women I really look to for entirely different reasons. Annie Leibovitz has taken pictures of everyone from Whoopie Goldberg to Olympic athletes to the Queen. She sets up all her own shoots, and she has an incredible ability to capture who people are in a studio setting. Vivian on the other hand did street photography, and her photos were not discovered until after her death. She took hundreds of rolls of beautiful street photography, even though she was never formally trained. I love how natural the photos are, even though she never set them up.

DAUGHTER RUNS: Other than photography, what do you like to do in your free time?

Maddie: I love knitting; I run a local knitting club at my high school and constantly make hats. I love reading books by Tom Robbins, burning my Anthropologie candles, and bumming in coffee shops for hours on end. I’m pretty OCD about keeping things neat, so I’m constantly cleaning shit and reorganizing it. I also spend a fair amount of time with my cat, Rufus.


DAUGHTER RUNS: What is the last film you watched?

Maddie: The last film I watched was “Blue Is The Warmest Color” which was incredibly beautiful, 3 hours long, and contained way more lesbian sex than I thought there would be.

DAUGHTER RUNS: Favorite album right now?

Maddie: The Life Pursuit by Belle and Sebastian. They were the first band I saw live, and it's a beautiful album that you can listen to at any time.

DAUGHTER RUNS: What is the best meal you've discovered within the past month?

Maddie: A bacon, avocado, cheddar, and tomato omelette with sour cream and a biscuit. Or eggs benedict, always eggs benedict.

DAUGHTER RUNS: Are you a coffee or tea person?

Maddie: Forever and always coffee.


DAUGHTER RUNS: What does Daughter Runs mean to you?

Maddie: “Daughter Runs” makes me think of that time when everyone is young and they want to run away. Maybe they got in a fight with their parents, or they're just feeling moody. You pack up your little bag and set out on the road (where you stop after 5 minutes, of course). It's that nostalgic desire we all have to leave what we know.

all photos © copyright Maddie Rogers