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Artist Interview: Kimberley Dhollander


Artist Interview: Kimberley Dhollander

Daughter Runs

Kimberley Dhollander

Location: Antwerp, Belgium

Website / Instagram / Facebook

Kimberley Dhollander is the type of artist you want to befriend just so you can nit pick her colorful mind and intriguing perspective. She's got an eye for simplicity, photographing classic elements and turning them into conceptual series and moods. Shooting for NORTH MAG, an "online lifestyle blog with a twist", we can't help but envy her European visions. Daughter Runs had the pleasure of interviewing the wonderful world of Ms. Dhollander.

DAUGHTER RUNS: What is your background in photography? When did you start immersing yourself with a camera?

Kimberley: A couple of years ago I went to Paris. Borrowed a camera from a friend of mine and shot some pictures. Between all the photographs I took, there was an image of an old man. I was amazed by how much control I had over the atmosphere of an image and the way I could picture people. It really struck me. It gave me a certain satisfaction that I did not know before. After that trip I began to photograph more and more. 

DAUGHTER RUNS: Do you photograph for yourself or for others?

Kimberley: Both. It's started out just for myself but after a little while I started shooting for NORTH MAG, an online lifestyle blog with a twist. But most of my work contains personal photographs.


DAUGHTER RUNS: You have a very pristine, minimalist aesthetic. What do you feel makes an image “simplistic”?

Kimberley: I think it depends of the subject. Some can be chaotic but have a certain simple estethic. I love to work with very busy textures, but put them in a minimal context or layout.   

DAUGHTER RUNS: Where do you continuously find yourself looking to for inspiration?

Kimberley: Everything could be an inspiration. But most of my inspiration, I find on the streets of Antwerp. I love the diversity. I love to wander off in small alleys and streets. Getting lost from the crowd.   

DAUGHTER RUNS: Your work is mesmerizing across all fields, what types of sentiments are you trying to evoke?  

Kimberley: I love to make dreamy images. Pictures that make you wonder or even turn a smile on your face. I turn grey, ordinary corners and objects into abstract, colourful images. Transforming the hard world into a soft, bubblegum-like piece of happiness. 

DAUGHTER RUNS: Do you think environment plays a large role in creativity and ambition?

Kimberley: I do. I meet a lot of creative people. People who are really good in what they do. Artists like that always want you to do things better. They make you push your limits. Also, I live in Antwerp. A city that gives so much in terms of inspiration, creativity and ambition.  

DAUGHTER RUNS: What decade or time period are you most often inspired by?

Kimberley: I adore the sixties and eighties. Decades that appeal to me. I love their colorschemes, their vividness. The sixties are, for me, minimal and classy. The eighties are noisy, flaunting. I love the contradiction between the two. 

DAUGHTER RUNS: Last film you watched?

Kimberley: Montage of Heck. A documentary about Kurt Cobain. Very interesting. But hard at times. 

DAUGHTER RUNS: Favorite album right now?

Kimberley: The War On Drugs, Lost In the Dream. An album that's spinning quite often. 

DAUGHTER RUNS: What does “Daughter Runs” mean to you?

Kimberley: I became a fan since I first saw your Instagram/website. A space where young creatives have a voice and a place where their work is displayed. It shows a lot of diversity which is good. I think it's a stimulating platform for creative people. 


all photos © copyright Kimberley Dhollander