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Artist Interview: Aleksandra Kingo


Artist Interview: Aleksandra Kingo

Daughter Runs

Aleksandra Kingo

Location: London, England

Website / Facebook / Instagram

All hail Aleksandra's compositionally perfect photographs that remind us all of wine and cigarettes. Shooting straight out of the UK, she shoots for fashion companies, magazines, and the like. Here at Daughter Runs, we can't help but drool over Ms. Kingo's pristine, dream-like world where lipstick stains are a blessing and strawberries are pastel blue. Unconventional symmetry and eclectic colors are just a few of the many elements of Aleksandra's work that make us question who we are, what we're doing, and what we want. Be prepared for an existential crisis, and don't say we didn't warn you.


DAUGHTER RUNS: What do you lend most credit to when creating?

ALEKSANDRA: Popular culture, graphic design and composition, 70’s, my own awkward life experiences.

DAUGHTER RUNS: Do you think environment plays a large role in creativity and ambition?

ALEKSANDRA: Generally, I believe environment can definitely inspire or bring a creative into the right mood. However, I am pretty sure that it is not a vital element of creativity. For instance, I come from quite a dodgy area of Vilnius  which is one of the most non-creative surroundings you can imagine, but somehow manage to turn even those references and memories from the past into shooting ideas. I guess it was my curiosity and willing to experiment that have lead me to where I am now. 


DAUGHTER RUNS: What fashion photographer do you feel has held a strong influence over your work?

ALEKSANDRA: Can I name two? First is Guy Bourdin with his amazing aesthetic, style and take on femininity. Then, Toiletpaper magazine guys, I guess – they made me look at the simple things from a different angle. 

DAUGHTER RUNS: How do you feel your work sets you apart from other fashion/editorial photographers out there? 

ALEKSANDRA: I think I quite managed to nail my own style and aesthetic, which by the way took me quite a few years of wandering around and trying different photographic styles and techniques. I have a very feminine and self-ironical take on still life photograph and fashion in general. Also, I pay strong attention to art direction and mis-en-scene. 


DAUGHTER RUNS: Your editorial work highlights the freezing of subjects through composition and color. Does this impact a brand’s aesthetic value?

ALEKSANDRA: Depends on the brand really. Some approach because they already fit my aesthetic, others – because they want to acquire my vision to their identity. 


DAUGHTER RUNS: How do you maintain your own artistic preferences when trying to meet a company’s expectations?

ALEKSANDRA: To be honest, I am trying to mostly shoot with companies that are genuinely interested in my work and vision, so normally it is not a problem. Planning and pre-production is the key to my work so there are rarely any unpleasant surprises when on set! 

DAUGHTER RUNS: What is your favorite decade or time period?

ALEKSANDRA: Late 60s-early 70s. 

DAUGHTER RUNS: What is the last film you watched?

ALEKSANDRA: Re-watched ‘Harold and Maude’ on the plane yesterday. Love. 

DAUGHTER RUNS: What does “Daughter Runs” mean to you?

ALEKSANDRA: I have only been introduced to it recently, but it seems to be a nice platform full of curiosities and new names and visuals to learn about, with a lot of potential!


all photos © copyright Aleksandra Kingo