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Artist Interview: Cecilia Salama

Daughter Runs

Cecilia Salama @spaceeceecee

Cecilia Salama is a New York-based artist that works with colorful mediums and physical textures. Her work is bold, psychedelic, and shiny- all of which we love here at Daughter Runs. Read on to learn more about Ms. Salama.


DAUGHTER RUNS: What is it that first drew you towards installation art?

Cecilia: I was a welder in high school (partially because I loved the movie Flashdance). A theatre group asked me to build a giant cage for these deranged twin characters to sit in. I loved the dramatic lighting on my piece and started to create a lot of sculptures built for black boxes… fabrics and latex pieces hanging from meat hooks, stiffened fabric wrapping around welded metal frames… and then it all kind of snowballed from there.

DAUGHTER RUNS: How would you describe the transition from your earlier work to your current work?

Cecilia: My earlier work was more of an investigation of materials: latex, resin, fabrics. Now I feel that I’ve mastered these materials and am able to use them more conceptually, kind of like tools to illustrate ideas in an abstract way. The color palette has also dramatically changed. I used to only colour things through bleaching, tea-staining, rust. Now everything is bright, iridescent, pastel.


DAUGHTER RUNS: Who do you continuously find yourself looking to for inspiration?

Cecilia: Karla Black, Ditte Gantriis, Anne de Vries, David Hammons

DAUGHTER RUNS: What are your favorite materials to work with?

Cecilia: Latex, sculpy, digitally printed fabrics, vinyl coated chains.

DAUGHTER RUNS: Is there a connection between your use of color and personality?

Cecilia: Definitely, a lot of times the same love of color and textures comes out in my home decorating, my outfits, my instagrams, and my nail colors. I think that’s why I love when people come to my studio because then you’re surrounded by an intense blast of my brain all at once.  

DAUGHTER RUNS: Do you think environment plays a large role in creativity and ambition?

Cecilia: I think ambition is something you either have or don’t, no matter what environment you’re in. But there are definitely more nurturing environments for creative, for sure. I think it’s important to surround yourself with people who can care about your work as much as you care about theirs.

DAUGHTER RUNS: What decade or time period are you most often inspired by?


DAUGHTER RUNS: Last film you watched?

Cecilia: Purple Rain

DAUGHTER RUNS: Favorite album right now?

bruisey bung.jpg
da office ho.jpg

Cecilia: Shy Glizzy - Law 3

DAUGHTER RUNS: What does “Daughter Runs” mean to you?

Cecilia: Rainbow cacti


all photos © Cecilia Salama