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Design Interview: Alisha Phichitsingh

Daughter Runs

Alisha Phichitsingh

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Alisha is an emerging fashion designer hailing from the beautiful city of Bangkok. The first time we saw Alisha's short film focusing on one of her most successful fashion collections (attached below), we were stunned by it's rich cultural backstory. Her interest in exploring passion and motivation are two of the reasons why she's the ideal design school student. We can't wait to see what lies ahead for Alisha, but for now- read up on her perspective in the world of style.

Links: Work Instagram / Personal Instagram

DAUGHTER RUNS: Who is your favorite designer right now?

Alisha: I don’t specially have one favorite designer, but I would say I have been heavily influenced by Rodarte, Maison Martin Margiela, Dries Van Noten  and Acne Studios. I think what's so great about these designers is their focus on the practicality of their garments. I feel people overlook the simplicity and the details that these designers put into work. You know, fashion is not just about how pretty a garment looks, it's also about how creatively each piece is made. I think to be creative in fashion is to really understand the construction of a garment, which only some people do understand, and then they see why a simple shirt or a pair of cigarette pants becomes something beautiful.

DAUGHTER RUNS: Do you think environment plays a large role in creativity and ambition?

Alisha: Definitely, if you are put in a situation where people are creative and passionate it will drive you to want to be better, competition is always good. It’s also very fun! Haha. I also think that it is very important for an artist to have strong support from friends and family. Being in an environment where people understand your passion and your love is very inspiring because for me as an artist I feel I am my art, I am my passion, I can’t separate myself from my passion. I also think the place itself matters, going to start my higher education at Parsons The New School for Design has really prepared me to work harder because I know I have a chance of being successful. I feel like if I were to stay in Bangkok I wouldn’t be this motivated because the opportunities are rare.

DAUGHTER RUNS: How do you feel personal style impacts society as a whole?

Alisha: I do feel that one person does have the power to interact and affect the society but I think it’s more of a group of people. When people see an idol wearing a specific type of clothing, or listening to a specific type of music, then it becomes a trend. I think it’s really rare to spot people with true originality in their sense of style.

DAUGHTER RUNS: For one of your collections, “Self Portrait”, you chose to focus on your “cultural roots and upbringing” which was sparked by your recent trip to India. What was your procedure like when translating this experience into actually making the garments?

Alisha: To me, when I decided to create this collection I felt like it was literally a “self portrait” of myself. I literally translated my personality into a collection of 11 garments. It started off pretty basic, I knew my concept and knew what I wanted to create. The hard part was doing the actual work and making it exactly like what I saw in my head. The embroidery and hand painted details were tough. Using industrial glue to hold each and every gem, every border, every piece of bead. Getting the painted embellishments exactly symmetrical was super hard. I would fall asleep with glue on my hands, haha! The project was part of my AP Studio Art portfolio and I had to follow the rule of interaction of space, so I had to involve that aspect in all of my pieces. I think if I didn’t have that rule I would have made my collection differently, especially the shapes of the garments. 

DAUGHTER RUNS: Did your history in painting at all contribute to your success as a fashion designer?

Alisha: Actually, I would say it is the other way around. I have always loved fashion since I was a child, at the age of 13 I decided that I wanted to pursue fashion design. It was only junior year that I started painting, to develop work for my college portfolio. It’s very strange because I feel like me as an artist and me as a fashion designer are two different people. As an artist I like to paint or make artworks that are kind of brutal I would say, there’s some sort of torture and sadness in my work. I’m very influenced by humans and their relationships and physical beings. But as a fashion design, I feel like my designs aesthetics are both wearable and a fantasy. I like to mix edgy, minimal, and fantasy.

DAUGHTER RUNS: Do you believe social media holds a strong influence over the creative world?

Alisha: Yes for sure, I think our world really revolves around social media. It definitely has the power to launch someones career. Today we are so involved in technology and almost everyone has smartphones which makes it easy to connect with trends and people from around the world. I feel like an artist who is socially active has a higher chance in becoming successful because they are visually attracting influencers in the industry. Social media is the customer for artist and designers because it allows us to know what is trending and what people want to wear. So, in a way the internet serves as opportunity and inspiration. A designer or an artist is nothing without their audience, because the audience serves as inspiration and a customer.

DAUGHTER RUNS: What is the last film you watched?

Alisha: Mr. and Mrs Smith. I wish I could say something more interesting but I am such a huge fan of chick flicks. Haha!

DAUGHTER RUNS: Favorite album right now?  

Alisha: I don’t really have a favorite album but I love to listen to the youtube channel "Majestic Casual" while I’m working. I’m currently in love with the song "We Are The People (flic flac remix)" by Empire of The Sun. I would say I have a tipsy taste in music. It really depends on my mood.


DAUGHTER RUNS: What does “Daughter Runs” mean to you?

Alisha: To me it symbolizes the next phase in life. Being ready to run out and explore the world with our creative talents, setting ourselves free.

Check out Alisha's short film entitled "Self-Portrait":

all photos © copyright Alisha Phichitsingh